Persistence. Instant. Global.

Ideal for serverless applications. You don't need a document database instance for your apps. Use nodb's RESTful API to store and fetch JSON.
Construct the API to match your app.

  1. Scalable

Nodb can easily accommodate an increase in the number of requests without breaking down or becoming slow. Your app remains responsive and reliable, even during periods of high demand.

  1. Zero learning curve

A familiar standard for client-server interactions, using HTTP verbs to interact with individual resources. We make your life easier by giving you an interface that you know and love. It's familiar, developer-friendly, and easy to use - we've been working with JSON every day for years. Get the docs, and start getting stuff done.

  1. Secure

Nodb API is designed with security in mind which prevents unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats. Having a secure API is essential for businesses that handle sensitive information such as user data, financial information, and other confidential information.

Easy to start with

Once you sign up you'll make your first request. You will get a random app name, which you can rename, a default environment named `dev`, which you can rename, and an access token. Combination of these 3, and only these 3 parameters, are required to make an authorized request. We'll generate a curl request for you which you can simply copy-paste.

It's just JSON

You might have encountered JSON data before. If you want to store your app's state or simply store some data, just send the JSON payload in the body of your request and you'll have an API endpoint for it. You can store arbitrary and nested data models.

Its simplicity is Global

A globally available API is designed to be highly available and accessible to users all over the world, with minimal latency and downtime. It also helps to improve the user experience, as users can access the API quickly and easily, without being affected by distance or network latency.

What nodb is not?

Nodb is not designed to handle extremely large datasets. Petabyte-level storage is best used with other products designed for large-scale solutions. Nodb targets web and mobile app developers with mid-sized datasets.

It's still a free tool

Right now, we're offering our product for free. We impose reasonable limitations. You can make 100k read (GET) requests and 2k write requests per month. Body of the write request is limited to 32kb.

Is my data shared or sold?

Nope. We don't share your data with anyone and we don't sell it to anyone. Nodb relies on dedicated servers, so there's no interaction with other users. In fact, all we get from you is your email address when you sign up via Google and Github authentication mechanism.